Experimental Windows installers for some KDE Applications

Posted on January 2, 2017
Tags: windows, KDE

Last update: 09.02.2017

Here are Windows installers for



These were compiled using MSVC 2015 and thus are using native Windows runtime. KDE Applications are using Qt 5.8 and Frameworks 5.29. Installers were created by NSIS 3 using Craft system. Please keep in mind that this is still work-in-progress and may contain bugs.

Send your notes and suggestions directly to me (#kde-windows on Freenode). For bugs see KDE Bugtracker. If you want to join the development, send you patches to our Phabricator instance.

I also invite you to check out an official release of KDevelop 5 for Windows - a great IDE for C/C++, Python and PHP. For C/C++ it features tight CMake integration and provides code completion and other IntelliSense-like functionality via Clang.